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Allow me to introduce myself!

I’m Keith, a NY based insurance agent and advisor certified by The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania that’s been helping successful individuals, families and their financial planners evaluate risk, secure coverage and manage premium dollars since 1996.


My mission is to eliminate the uncertainty that often comes with the purchase of a policy and provide the comfort and confidence you seek. At the point of sale, time of claim and everyday in-between.

Welcome to our website.  I hope you find the information clear and helpful and invite you to contact me if I can be of any assistance.

It’s Not Commoditized

Studies and analytics show the majority of consumers view home and auto insurance policies as commoditized products.  This is untrue.  It’s actually a complex, retail marketplace made up of many insurance companies, offering different combinations of quality vs cost.  Our goal is to help you find the combination that best matches your risk management goals and ultimately provides the comfort you seek!

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Homeowner Coverage & Claim Service

Plan Comparison

Professional Representation Has Never Been More Valuable

We live in a fast paced world and customer service ratings are largely based upon immediate gratification. As a result the insurance industry is replacing trust and expertise with convenience. While fast and simple are good things, this unsophisticated approach can leave you overpaying and under-insured.  Especially if you are successful with more at stake. We are here to eliminate the uncertainty and provide the consistent results you deserve.

Drop The Most Expensive

Part of Your Policy

Claim payments have historically been an insurance company’s largest expense.  However for some that’s been replaced with the cost of  TV advertising. Given insurance companies operate with roughly a 4% profit margin, they cannot endure both. As a result, TV advertised products have become more restrictive, with lower coverage limit caps and these reductions in quality have not lowered the pricing. Consumers flock to these companies because they are highly visible and offer a fast and simple way to purchase a policy.  Don’t be fooled.  Better protection at lower rates are available.  You’ll just need to look past the advertising, work with a brokerage like ours and invest more than 15 minutes of your time to find the protection, integrity and pricing you are looking for. 

Coordination Produces Better Results

A well designed property and casualty coverage program is a key component to your overall wealth and lifestyle preservation goals and coordination among your team of trusted advisors simply produces better results.  Learn More

Replacement Cost vs Market Value

Eliminate the guess work

with an in-home replacement cost appraisal

Personal Liability Protection

How Much is Enough?

Standard Auto Insurance

May Not Be For You

Especially If you drive luxury brand, exotic or collector cars

Coop-Condo Insurance 101

Homeowner Insurance For Your Unit?  Absolutely ... Here's Why

Protecting Valuables & Collections

Homeowner Insurance Provides Little to No Protection

For Luxury & Higher Valued Goods

FEMA Flood Isn't The Only Option

Frustrated with Government Flood Options?

There May Be a Better Solution!

Domestic Worker's & Personal Staff

Home and Umbrella insurance policies do not satisfy State Worker's Compensation and Labor Law requirements.

Charitable Immunity Laws 

Are you fully protected?

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