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The Value of P&C Insurance Consulting

A truly holistic approach to evaluating a client's risk management game plan must include P&C insurance consulting. Furthermore, coordination among advisors produces better outcomes and is simply a more effective and efficient way to support the wealth preservation goals of clients.

Why Depend on Us?

Our director of private client services, Keith Cheverko is one of just 107 insurance professionals in North America recognized by the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania as a Certified Advisor of Personal Insurance.  Keith has been helping successful individuals and families evaluate risk, secure coverage and manage premium dollars since 1996

Providing What You Want

Privacy and professionalism is of paramount concern and with us you are the client. We'll tailor a consulting program specifically for you built upon your needs, concerns and requirements. 

To learn more contact:


                          Keith Cheverko, CAPI
                          Vice President

                          914.812.7025 |

Did you Know?

  • Less than 40% of higher income households have sufficient personal liability protection
    Source – Study conducted by ACE Private Risk Services (2012)


  • More than 60% of custom, luxury and vintage homes in the US are improperly covered
    Source – Study conducted by Marshall& Swift (2013)


  • $153B in uninsured losses occur annually
    Source – Swiss RE (2015)


  • More than 91,000 employment practices claims were made against homeowners in 2016
    Source –  EEOC (2017)

Insurance That Goes Above & Beyond

For Those With Complex Lifestyles


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