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Personal Liability

We offer a host of products and solutions that can be tailored to address all the risks and exposures associated with your lifestyle.  Additional details have been provided below.

What is Personal Liability Protection?
Provides legal defense costs and asset protection up to the limit you choose should you be sued through the presence, use or ownership of scheduled exposures.  Eligible exposures include ...
  • Residential Real Estate
  • Swimming Pools, Diving Boards, Water Slides
  • Trampolines & Zip Lines
  • Pollution (Underground Fuel Tank)
  • Dogs 
  • Personal Employees
  • Non Compensated Board Positions
  • In-Home Business Operations
  • Automobiles
  • Watercraft
  • Motorcycles
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Private Aviation

Be sure to check that all the exposures associated with your home and lifestyle have been addressed when shopping for a policy!
How Much is Enough?
That's more art than science, given frivolous matters can quickly turn into more time consuming and costly disputes than originally anticipated.  The value of such suites is always subject to the financial loss of the person or people that have been injured, which makes it impossible to predict.  The amount of coverage purchased should also consider your lifestyle, public or on-line visability, age of dependent children and the value of your personal assets.  
As a result, we recommend all clients obtain quotes in intervals of $1M up to $10M in order to weigh coverage vs cost and determine the amount that represents the best value proposition.  Limits above $10M are available by request. 
Emerging Risk: Libel/Slander & Social Media
Most of the personal liability products we offer automatically cover claims of libel/slander, including your family's use of social media.  Be sure to check if this valuable feature has been included when shopping for a home, coop, condo or renters insurance policy

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