Where You Buy

is as important

As What You Buy!

Consulting a gecko, entrusting a quarterback or limiting yourself to 15 minutes or less suggests insurance inst that complicated. However these simplified forms of insurance can leave you painfully exposed should something happen.  Especially for higher income households and individuals living more complex lifestyles.
Working with us is simply a smarter and safer way to protect your family, secure quality claim services you can count on and support your overall wealth preservation goals.
You can obtain insurance coverage in a few different ways.  Here's an overview of the options to help you decide which approach works best for you
On-Line / Buy Direct
Technology and minimal underwriting produces a fast and easy way to purchase a policy.  However, these are highly restrictive insurance contracts that tend to include low limits of coverage.  This can be very problematic should a significant claim event occur, especially for gainfully employed homeowners.
Captives Sale Agent
You can work with an agent who exclusively sells the products of a single insurance company.  This is safer than buying on-line, however limited resources and the agents  lack of marketplace knowledge leaves you with very few choices. Which can translate into compromised coverage and/or unfavorable pricing.
Work With Us
As an Independent Agency we work for you and remember we do not charge brokerage or service fees!  Our holistic and personal approach enables us to deliver customized solutions that considers your coverage goals, claim service preferences and overall wealth preservation strategies. Direct access to multiple, carefully selected insurance companies enables us to provide these high quality quality at competitive rates to financially responsible individuals and families.  

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