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Insurance policies that contain a small, fixed amount of coverage for specific types of claims are quick, easy and inexpensive to underwrite and sell.  Making them a perfect option for insurance companies distributing their products via websites, mobile apps and 1800#s.  However, this unsophisticated, one size fits all approach can be financially devastating if a large claim isn’t paid in full or if the claim isn’t covered at all.  The level of risk and uncertainty is even greater for higher income folks who own more expensive things and/or live more complex lifestyles.

Here at Oberman we exclusively offer HO6-Premium Policy Contracts to qualifying Coop/Condo clients.  These products contain more generous limits, fewer exclusions, better terms & conditions and less red tape at the time of claim. This disciplined approach enables us to consistently produce the quality results our clients expect and deserve.


Here’s what you can expect to receive …

  • All Risk Coverage For Your Unit’s Additions, Alterations, Built-Ins & Contents
    All Risk meaning you automatically receive all available property coverage features & options for a coop/condo unit except for FEMA Flood Insurance and Earthquake Coverage. Both additional options are available by request.


  • Replacement Cost Claim Payments
    All covered losses will be paid on a new-for-old basis, without deductions for physical depreciation.


  • Worldwide Protection For Your Contents
    Your personal property will be covered anywhere in the worldwide (in storage, when traveling or when you are just out and about enjoying NYC living)


  • Unlimited Loss of Use Coverage
    You’ll have full coverage for movers, storage and a quality hotel should a covered loss force you to vacate the apartment. 


  • Breakdown Coverage For Household Systems & Major Appliances
    The household equipment that families depend upon have become quite expensive to repair or replace.  Our policies will help cover those costs after a sudden and unexpected breakdown.


  • $1,000,000 Personal Liability Limit
    Included automatically.  The limit can be increased if the equity in your apartment or your personal net worth is higher.  Coverage can also be broadened to address risks or exposures that may be unique to your lifestyle.  We’ll go through all the additional options with you when quoting.


  • $50,000 Loss Assessment Protection Limit
    More generous coverage with fewer exclusions better protects you from financial loss stemming from covered insurance claims to common areas or the buildings roof, structure or foundation.


  • Options
    HO6-Premium Policies can be endorsed to address whatever makes you unique or different.
    Here are the more commonly included options.

    Valuable Items / Collections Rider (for your jewelry, watches, art, hobby-collectibles & more)
    Flood Insurance (for units located on or below ground level)
    Automobile Liability Insurance for Rented or Borrowed Cars
    NYS Workers Compensation, Disability & Paid Family Benefits For Nanny, Au-Pair, Caretaker, Etc
    Employment Practices Legal Defense Coverage
    Directors & Officers Legal Defense Coverage
    Family Travel Protection (for those who frequently travel abroad for business or pleasure)
    Family Cyber Protection (for those with children using social media)

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