Coop-Condo Insurance

We offer a broad range of solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.  Whether it's purchasing your first coop-condo unit or a luxury penthouse apartment.

Coverage You'll Need to Consider
Additions & Alterations (aka Dwelling)
The amount the policy will pay to repair or replace damaged built-in property.  Including the kitchen, baths, floors and wall coverings. You may also need to include windows, porch, balcony or terrace. Be sure to review your association's by-laws prior to purchasing a policy.
The amount the policy will pay to repair or replace furniture, decor, clothing and all other personal property stored at this location except jewelry, fur, fine art and silverware.  Also be sure the policy pays claims on a "replacement cost" basis, so you'll get the money needed to replace the damaged items at today's costs!
Off Premises Theft
When included, the policy covers personal property for theft when you are away from home.  Such as your office, a hotel, restaurant, the gym, golf club or in the trunk of your car 
Loss of Use Expenses
The amount and/or length of time the policy will pay for temporary housing, movers and storage should a claim event force you to vacate the unit
Personal Liability
Provides legal defense costs and asset protection up to the limit your choose should you be sued through the use or ownership of the unit
Loss Assessment
The amount the policy will pay on your behalf should you be assessed due to insufficient coverage limits and/or high deductibles contained in your building's master insurance policy
Additional Options That Should Be Considered
No two households are the same and so the following supplemental options can be included if needed
  • Valuable Items & Collections Rider
  • Automobile Liability For Rented & Borrowed Cars
  • Worker's Comp & Employer's Liability For Domestic Workers or Personal Staff
  • Directors & Officers Liability For Non Compensated Board Positions
  • Blanket Trip Protection For Those Travel Frequently
  • Surface-Ground Water (Flood) Insurance
  • Earthquake Insurance

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