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Auto Insurance

Contrary to popular belief there are a few different types of auto insurance coverage and claim service plans to choose from.  The following video provides an overview of the options.  Additional details have been provided below.

Enhanced Coverage & Claim Service Options To Consider
Agreed Value Total Loss Cash Settlement
No book value payments here. You and the company lock in the value of each car at the point of sale or renewal and that's the exact amount you'll receive should the car be stolen or totaled
Unlimited Choice of Repair Shop with Full Labor Rate Guarantee
Have your car repaired by the dealership or any other facility of your choosing without the risk of having to kick in to cover differences in labor rates
Guaranteed OEM Replacement Parts For Life of Car
No generic or aftermarket parts, regardless of the age of your car
Rental Allowance with no Per Day Limitation
Go rent a like vehicle while your collision repairs are being made.  

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